Acoustic Insulation

A leading supplier, manufacturer and installer of A grade commercial, industrial & residential acoustic insulation in the UK.
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Professional Acoustic Insulation Services

CCS can provide effective acoustic insulation that helps to improve the working conditions of your environment. For example we can help reduce vibrations, irritating background noises and sound pollution in general to great effect using our professional insulation experience and products.

CCS acoustic insulation service provides soundproofing and anti-vibration effects covering pipework, generators, ductwork, exhausts, lined containers and other noise making sources.

CCS can project manage your acoustic insulation and provide a bespoke solution based on your requirements, also advising on the best materials and methods to help reduce sound levels and adhere to workplace specifications.

Speak to us about the specifics of your project today we’ll provide you with a detailed estimation for efficient soundproofing installation.

Thermal Insulation

CCS provide services for any specification and operate throughout the UK. All our thermal insulation products & finishes are installed to a high level, maintaining competency and project manage the work in accordance to client requirements.

Trace Heating

Trace heating is used to stop pipes from freezing, it is also used to raise or maintain the temperature of the vessels and pipes which I done by using heat tracing cables.

Fire Prevention

CCS can provide fire prevention and protection services at the beginning of a project or to existing pipework and buildings.

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our expert team can provide you timeliness, cost efficient and compliance adherence estimates. Simply get in touch and we'll talk to you about your requirements.

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Yes. We provide all our services across the UK and even into Europe, so if you have a project outside the UK then our team are here to help.

Yes. Our team are on hand to provide quotations and when a site visit is required we will come to site and provide a detailed estimate with full breakdown of services and materials.

Yes. We provide our services across all industries and residential properties no matter how big or small the project is. With 20 years experience and a dedicated workforce we are able to provide cost effective solutions for smaller projects.

CCS - What We Do...

We have more than twenty years of experience. During that time, we've become experts in what we do. We work closely with major airlines, car manufacturers, football stadiums, commercial premesis, residential plots, the NHS and more. We operate in the UK and provide our services all over the country, but also in Europe as well.